Real Estate

Real estate law practice requires attorneys experienced in the application of real estate, business law, and tax law in order to complete business transactions involving the acquisition, ownership, financing, leasing, and operation of real estate.  Our real estate attorneys have varied experience in business and real estate law and are able offer focused and cost-effective counsel. We can also assist in the areas of land use, entitlements, and taxation.

Real Estate Acquisition, Disposition, and Finance

Our real estate attorneys deal with the full range of issues related to buying and selling real property. In particular, we are adept at handling complex transactions that involve shopping centers, industrial properties, and residential projects. We work with experts to conduct due diligence to clear concerns for a purchase or sale and can expeditiously resolve title, utility access, and mineral issues.   Based on the proposed use of the real property, we can also handle matters related to land use and entitlements, and we work with colleagues at affiliate firms to resolve environmental issues. 

Our transactional lawyers are seasoned in real estate financing structures, and we represent borrowers in negotiations on conventional acquisition, term, and construction loans.  We are accustomed to single- and multi-use property transactions with values extending into tens of millions of dollars. 

Government Entitlements and Land Use

Land use is a delicate, multi-faceted area of the law, and BOLD is equipped to deal with the issues it raises. Our experienced attorneys work on complex real estate projects that address zoning, environmental, transportation, economic, cultural, and community issues. We have counseled developers, corporations, manufacturers, and retail operations.

We represent owners and developers before planning commissions and municipal boards on applications for rezoning, conditional use permits, and subdivision approvals.  We also work closely with business owners who require government approvals and entitlements to expand their business operations. 

Land use issues often call for more than just interpretation of local regulations; they call for “street smart” experience and practical advice.  This broad perspective, which takes into account both the laws and surrounding circumstances of each land use issue, allows our attorneys to successfully cooperate with local government 

Office and Retail Leasing

We provide comprehensive services related to leasing of real property, representing a variety of clients, including tenants, landlords and property management companies in the leasing of land, office space, retail space, and industrial complexes.  In managing the leasing process, our work covers due diligence issues, management of negotiation processes, coordination of the terms of leases, and lease amendments and extensions.

BOLD’s strong business and tax practices further enhance our ability to guide clients through the business considerations, regulatory constraints, and tax implications of real estate transactions.  We are capable of drafting and reviewing various business documents relating to real estate transactions, including:   

  • Construction contracts
  • Easements
  • Co-ownership agreements 
  • Non-disturbance agreements 
  • Limited and general partnership agreements 
  • Limited liability company operating agreements 

When necessary, our real estate attorneys draw upon the firm’s litigation attorneys to handle:

  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Unlawful detainer 
  • Mechanics’ lien suits and other lien rights
  • Breach of contract actions for the sale and purchase of real property
  • Actions for specific performance 

The BOLD Approach

  • Relevant, focused experience.  Our real estate attorneys are highly skilled at dealing with issues raised by real estate negotiations.  We understand the market and have represented parties on all sides of the deal.  As a result, we know what the reasonable terms of the lease should be, and we bring this knowledge to the table so the transaction is executed smoothly and with minimal expense.      
  • Inter-disciplinary deal-making.  BOLD’s real estate attorneys are able to seamlessly integrate our business and tax expertise into the deal-making process to enhance our ability to guide clients through the business considerations, regulatory constraints, and tax implications of real estate transactions.   
  • Industry Relationships.  We encourage our attorneys to form professional bonds with individuals at local businesses, government agencies, and commercial and investment banks.  We are able to liaise with these professionals to enhance our communication when helping you obtain financing, variances, and approvals.  The maintenance of these multi-level relationships helps us ensure cooperation at every level of a project, which, in turn, assists the client in achieving short-term and long-term goals. 
  • Local and Regional Market Knowledge.  Our substantive experience in Glendale and throughout Los Angeles County means our lawyers know how to anticipate problems and solve them before they slow down a real estate transaction.  Because of our continuous involvement in this region, we are able to assess parties’ expectations, anticipate problems and better negotiate on the client’s behalf.