Immigration and Naturalization

BOLD’s immigration work focuses on applying for work-based and family-based visas and naturalization.  We strive to provide each client with successful results by considering all appropriate and creative options during the application process. Immigration to the United States is governed by federal law, which means that we are authorized to assist clients nationwide and worldwide. The majority of immigration filings are done through the mail, which allows us to efficiently represent clients wherever they live and work.

Our immigration lawyers are most active in representing small and large companies and institutions of all sizes throughout the United States in complying with the complex immigration requirements of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Department of Labor, and Department of State.  Our lawyers help companies and institutions retain and immigrate highly skilled workers, professionals, investors, corporate executives, clergy and religious workers into the United States.

Our attorneys keep pace with rapidly changing immigration laws and growing client expectations by constantly researching immigration cases and legislation, and by integrating technology into our daily operations. BOLD utilizes advanced office technology for document creation, client case management, communication, and internal coordination.  This allows us to successfully manage complex client cases with clients all over the world.

The scope of BOLD’s Immigration practice includes:

  1. All categories of Employment-Based Permanent Residency through immigrant visas or adjustment of status for foreign investors and  entrepreneurs (EB-5), persons of extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers, multinational executives and managers, professionals holding an advanced degree,  professionals, skilled workers;
  2. All categories of Family-Based Permanent Residency through immigrant visas or adjustment of status;
  3. Temporary work visas for professionals, multinational executives, specialized knowledge workers, religious workers, treaty traders and investors;
  4. Special immigration projects such as waivers of inadmissibility, North American Free Trade Agreement cases, foreign student visas; humanitarian paroles, as well as other immigration related matters such as change of non-immigrant status, extensions of stay, re-entry permits and refugee travel documents; and
  5. Naturalization and citizenship matters.

This international expertise is enhanced by the Business Law and Tax Law strengths of our firm.

The BOLD Approach

  • Well-rounded experience.  Our immigration lawyers are multilingual and have diverse backgrounds, which, combined with our years of experience, means that we excel at this international discipline.
  • Realistic approach.  Our first consultation with clients regarding their immigration matter helps us decide whether the matter has a chance at success.  While we are capable of preparing various immigration cases the government will approve, we are realistic and do not waste the client’s time or funds if we know, based on a given set of facts, that an immigration matter will be denied.  Ultimately, we want our clients to succeed, and we rate ourselves by their level of success.
  • Informed analysis.  Immigration law is a constantly evolving area of law.  BOLD immigration attorneys pride themselves on staying abreast of developments. This ensures that our clients will have the most current law and analysis incorporated into the legal process of their cases. 
  • Constant communication.  Immigration matters can often take months and years to complete.  Our immigration lawyers and staff keep clients informed on a regular basis and are always available if clients have questions regarding their matters.