Business Law

Our business lawyers act as strategic business partners in the formation, ongoing operation, expansion, and sale of our clients’ companies.

Business Formation

When clients start a new business, the first question is which form of entity will best serve their business needs. The corporation, limited liability company, general partnership, and limited partnership forms each have different approaches to management, liability, and tax planning, all of which must be considered and analyzed.  Tax implications drive the decision-making regarding choice of entity, and BOLD’s certified tax specialists ensure the client chooses the entity form that best suits his or her needs.

Once we determine the business form that will best suit the client’s needs, we assist with the formation of the company and are on hand to provide counsel as the company sets up its operations. 

General Counsel 

On a day-to-day basis, we work with established corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships on operational and legal compliance issues. We are well-equipped to provide counsel to family-owned and closely-held companies in navigating employment issues, managing shareholder and director meetings, and assisting in difficult succession planning issues. 

For our clients involved in the real estate business, we offer comprehensive real estate services.

When necessary, our litigators represent corporate clients in civil courts in litigation matters including collections, evictions, and employment disputes.

We also offer our corporate clients a broad base of resources in tax law that assist them when they confront income and corporate taxation issues.

Business Transactions

We advise established companies on acquisition opportunities, asset disposition, corporate reorganization, employment law, and a range of tax concerns. For mature organizations, we identify succession planning opportunities.  The following is a list of just some of the contracts we draft and negotiate on behalf of our clients:

  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Real estate contracts
  • Lease agreements
  • Employment and compensation agreements
  • Loan agreements
  • Supply agreements

Please see our Mergers and Acquisitions page for more information.

Business Succession Planning

Business owners typically hope to run their business until they reach retirement age. They may have a partner, son, or daughter who they hope will take over one day, or they may looks toward selling the operation to finance their retirement years.  Unfortunately, life does not always take the path we expect.  We work with each client to develop a succession plan to transfer management responsibility and financial assets, help protect the estate and business from costly legal disputes, and recommend the best legal course of action to ensure the company's longevity.  This will help plan for situations in which someone passes away or becomes incapacitated, or initiates a legal battle that threatens to strangle the company.  The long-term viability of a business depends on a plan for orderly succession. Closely-held corporations and family businesses are particularly at risk if they lose their chief officer and a succession plan is not in place.


BOLD business lawyers work closely as trusted advisors with board members and staff of discerning non-profits to start and grow their organizations and programs.  We are regularly called on to assist with forming non-profits and obtaining their tax exemption at the federal level.

Board members and the non-profit’s staff have legal responsibilities and challenges. BOLD attorneys work with them in order to ensure compliance with non-profit laws and to minimize exposure to liability.  We provide education and advice on all aspects of non-profit governance, including fiduciary duties, election issues, removal issues, scope of authority, and dissolution and distribution of assets.

Collaboration with Business Advisors

At BOLD, we do not just handle legal affairs – we support the company’s vision and values, and we strive to be there when the company needs a legal advocate.  We understand various professional disciplines are active in supporting our business clients.  In order to maximize the success of our corporate clients’ day-to-day and long-term operations, we integrate our legal expertise by communicating and collaborating with our clients’ accounting firms, retirement plan administrators, insurance representatives, and other professionals.

The BOLD Approach

  • Business-personal approach. We have decades of combined experience working with entrepreneurial individuals to integrate their business and estate plans.  Over time, we become familiar with their business as well as personal and family objectives, and our understanding of their inter-personal relationships helps us provide effective counsel. 
  • Constant communication.  Our focus on personal service to our clients is manifested by our timely communication with them.  If they have a business question with legal implications that requires our immediate attention, they rest assured of our prompt response.
  • Well-rounded representation. BOLD has represented small- and mid-size companies in many industries, including accounting, manufacturing, distribution, real estate management, restaurant management, technology, health care services, and transportation services.  Our decades of combined experience in these arenas means we are prepared to answer and address any business question. 
  • Sophisticated service with efficient staffing. We operate with lean, efficient teams that get the job done quickly without wasting resources or incurring needless expenses.
  • Senior level access. BOLD places a senior attorney on every matter that enters the firm.  As the client, each business will enjoy top-tier talent on every issue.  In an effort to keep legal costs reasonable, we employ talented associates who are well-trained and integrated into the firm.  Partners and associates are in contact daily regarding all matters.